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We know the basics of wine storage…

  • Always store wine laying on its side so the cork doesn’t dry out and let in air, ruining the wine before you’re ready to enjoy it. (of course, unless it has a screw top, then it doesn’t matter)
  • Store your wine in a place outside of sunlight… among other things, sunlight can cause the temperature to fluctuate, which is bad for the longevity of the wine.
  • Store your wine somewhere that is as close to 60 degrees Fahrenheit as possible, and in a place with as little temperature fluctuation as possible.

But we don’t talk about wine storage mistakes as much, do we? Here is a really nice infographic from FirstLeaf that shows us both the basics, as well as wine storage mistakes.

  • Do NOT store wine or Champagne in your refrigerator. If you want to chill a wine, put it in the fridge a few hours before you’re ready to drink it, not as a place of storage.
  • In addition, don’t store it ON TOP of your fridge or close to any other light, motor, or heat source. The heat from the motor or coil can negatively affect the wine.
  • Don’t leave wine in your car for long periods of time, or leave it in direct sunlight. In addition to the sun’s rays, the heat can ruin the wine.
  • Don’t store the bottles standing up. This will cause the cork to dry out and let air into the bottle, which can make the wine go bad, tasting more like vinegar when you finally open it.

Wine Storage Mistakes and Basics

wine storage mistakes

What to read next? Here are some more detailed tips about temperature, and how it affects the storage of wine, both in your cellar, as well as on a shelf!

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