what wine goes with bbq

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What Wine Goes With BBQ Ribs?

Our “what wine goes with BBQ city series continues with a foray into the mouth-watering meats of Kansas City and their wine counterparts! This is following on previous articles about pairing wine with Memphis BBQ, and pairing wine with BBQ – Texas style! (North Carolina BBQ and wine is coming soon)

There are a ton of barbecue styles, so let’s begin our wine pairings with the 800-pound gorilla of barbecue, Kansas City style. This style of barbecue utilizes the widest variety of mouth-watering meats, paired with sweet and savory sauces utilized in generous, KC BBQ size proportions.

The most dominant factors in the regional style, that KC does as well as anyone, are the sauce and hickory smoked meats. This leads to a fairly wide selection of complimentary wines, which we love. You can never have too many types of wine to try!

When enjoying beef ribs or brisket “Kansas City Style”, you could go directly to a big, oak-aged California Cabernet Sauvignon.  The wood influences will enhance each other and the bold fruit will enhance the texture and flavor of the beef, without being overpowered by the sauce application.

What Wine Goes With BBQ Pork?

Now, if you don’t want to feature the “wood” influence in both the wine and the food, then a California Petite Syrah would be a really great alternative.  This wine is not normally made with a distinct oak signature, if oak aged at all, however it brings big, bold fruit to the palate that will certainly meld well with the sauce and beef.

When pork is on the menu, however, a little bit of subtlety is called for.  I feel the perfect remedy is an Australian Shiraz’ or one of many blends that featuer the Shiraz. Also, a good Chianti or Barbera D’Asti  provides a solid platform for the sauce and meat without over-powering  the senses.  Keep in mind that too big of a wine will drown out the pork.  You could also make a case for a pairing of Zinfandel and pork ribs. As long as your choice of sauce is sweet enough to balance the spice of the Zinfandel, hmm hmm good!

What Wine Goes With BBQ Chicken?

Now for a bit of a twist! We always argue that you should experiment, and while the “rules” are usually solid, sometimes you need to break them! When it comes to BBQ chicken and turkey I strongly recommend red wine.  Remembering that the wood-smoked meat and the sauces are dominant, nothing fits the bill better than a Pinot Noir, particularly those of California and Oregon. The combination of smoked turkey, KC sauce, and PinotNoir is a wonderful thing for the palate! Give it a try! 

Another great wine to add the the answer list to the question “what wine goes good with BBQ in KC?”, is Beaujolais. (not the Nouveau released in November, but a true Beaujolais) I’d also lean towards pairing one of the Grand Cru Beaujolais, or even a personal favorite, a Rhone style blend from the Paso Robles region in California.

And as always, this is simply a guide! Everyone has different tastes, both in food and wine. We encourage experimentation, all that matters is that you love what you’re eating and drinking. There’s no “wine police” that will be peeking in your window at dinner time, or following you when you dine out… so be bold, be big, and have fun. Your palate will never lie!

For more on wine, whether you’re interested in purchasing some beautiful boutique wines of the variety I have mentioned above, or just shootin’ the breeze because you don’t necessarily share my opinion, you can shoot me an email or click on the “contact us” link above.

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what wine goes with bbq
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