The Best Virtual Wine Tasting With Friends

the best virtual wine tasting today

Host the best virtual wine tasting with friends!

Get ready for an exciting evening as we guide you through the best virtual wine tasting available! Wine, and wine tasting parties are a popular choice for entertainment for both business and pleasure. The wonders of the internet, combined with some wonderful wines and a fun, knowledgeable host equal the best virtual wine tasting with friends… or if you’re so inclined, by yourself or you and a spouse or single friend as well!

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As a unique way to entertain guests at home, or to have a fun and unique business event, our best virtual wine tastings offer a fun way to get together and try some great new wines at the same time*.


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No Masks Needed!


You might consider yourself a wine aficionado, or you might be just jumping into the world of wine. Either way, we’ve got you covered.
Pat “the wine guy” Broderick has been offering virtual wine tastings via Zoom or your preferred video platform.

Our online wine tastings are professional, but fun, and both educational and entertaining. Pat has been providing top-quality wines to a private client base for close to 30 years, has done countless virtual and live wine tastings, and is an expert at matching the perfect wine to all types of palates.

  • Customized Wine Choices
  • Corporate Tastings
  • Virtual Birthday Wine Tasting Parties
  • Food Pairings
  • Blind or Comparison Tastings
  • Virtual Holiday Parties
  • Non-Profit Fundraisers

The goal is to replicate the experience of visiting a vineyard tasting room and tasting with the winemaker. Imagine yourself being brought from your office or den, basement or patio, and having the same experience as in a premier vineyard in France or Napa Valley! You’ll enjoy an experience unequaled in a virtual setting anywhere as you share the best virtual wine tasting with friends that you can imagine!

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What to Expect at a Virtual Wine Tasting


A standard format starts with a welcome and warming up period before a brief introduction to the wines you have pre-chosen and sent you in advance to fit your tastes. The virtual tasters then get to try the wines as Pat guides you and your friends or co-workers through the nuances of your chosen wines. The experience is interactive as well as fun and educational, and the discussion of the wines is encouraged while sipping wine on your patio, dinner table, bedroom, boardroom, or wherever you like to enjoy your wine!

If you choose to make a business event, instead of the usual happy-hour or expense-account dinner, Pat will entertain employees, clients, and members with a virtual wine tasting to maintain a sense of community and togetherness, and just have a great time.

For details or to ask questions, contact us at [email protected] . or call Pat at (866) 332-9463.

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Wine Tasting Parties Through the Centuries!

The Best virtual wine tasting with friends, .

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*Not Available in Some States