Wine Tasting in New York City

This is a really fun video where Mark Oldman, famous for his wine tasting in New York City, shares some fun and unique wine tasting tips that anyone can use, not only to taste wine but in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way, to share your findings. In my opinion, wine is supposed to be fun, and Mark absolutely seems to believe the same thing!

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I especially like his tip about tasting two of the same wines simultaneously… it’s fun, and will REALLY help you to learn the difference between 2 Cabernets or 2 Merlots… all I can say is you’ll become a two-fisted drinker in no time. (I’m struggling with the “ice in red wine” thing to be honest)

Welcome to the wine sanctuary of Mark Oldman! We join Mark at a $3,000 per ticket wine tasting in New York City

Lid It, Spin It, Sniff It, Sip It!

Mark Oldman is a celebrity in the wine-tasting world and has been named “the top personality in the wine business.” His best selling book describes “How to Drink Like a Billionaire.” If you actually are a billionaire, or at least a celebrity or Manhattan socialite, you can purchase a private tasting with Mark and gain access to some of the rarest wines in the world.

We are stepping into the Wine Sanctuary of Mark Oldman, a world-renowned wine expert with a personal collection that he says is worth over half a million dollars. A private tasting with Mark is an experience usually reserved for A-list wine lovers willing to shell out up to $3,000 a ticket.

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The exclusive tasting is tucked away in Oldman’s secret wine vault (he lovingly calls his Wine Sanctuary) where he thinks up the perfect food pairings for bottles priced at thousands of dollars. We try a tasting in this luxurious and secretive vault and learn from Mark what it takes to “drink like a billionaire.”

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They are a bespoke series of group events ranging from $499 all the way up to $3,000 a person that aim to teach anyone wanting to broaden their vocabulary in the world of wine. Mark: “Like a Billionaire” tastings, most of them are here at my Wine Sanctuary.

And I built this, brick by brick, furnishing by furnishing, to be a cozy getaway from the velocity of life. I’ve had no end of celebrities, sports figures, many illustrious people come through here.

Billionaires want the best of everything, but they don’t necessarily order from the reserved list at a restaurant. They want to economize, just like everyone else. So, part of my job is to help people figure out what they like and what they don’t like. While giving them a framework. Opening people’s eyes to the possibilities in wine is what I’m all about. 

Mark sits down and shares these tips with a friend, Emily. “This is your portable la dolce vita, and that is maybe the best way to end any wine tasting. The look on her face says it all.”

Emily shares: “Mark has shown me that to drink with the city’s elite, all it takes is just a little bit of know-how and a whole lot of knowing how to have a good time.”

Like I try to share in my book as well, Mark shows that wine is for everyone, not just the elite. Sure, it can get expensive, and there are wines that are out of reach for most of us financially, but you don’t need to spend or attend a three thousand dollar wine tasting in New York City to appreciate it. 


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