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The Wine Shop Near Me

This is a great article/video from Wine Folly about choosing wine at the wine shop near me. Choosing wine never has to be intimidating when you go to the wine store. Have fun, do a little research first, stick to your guns when it comes to how much you want to pay, and make it an adventure!

I still remember the day that started my wine journey back in 1990 when I accepted a job as a wine consultant. There was a wine shop near me so I decided to grab something to celebrate. With the exception of an occasional Boone’s Farm in high school, I had no idea what to buy when I stopped at the wine shop near me on my way home to break the good news to my wife.

I bought three bottles… something French, a Kabinett or Spatlese, and maybe something from California. I don’t totally remember what I grabbed at the wine shop near me at the time, but I remember it was fun! In the text below I edited it a tad from the video for clarity… enjoy! ~ Cheers, Nick


Choosing wine at the store is actually incredibly easy and you don’t have to be an expert to choose excellent high-quality wines in the price range that you’re looking. But in order to do that, a little bit of pre-planning is involved and the first thing is to have a purpose.

So for me the purpose came from the wine following newsletter. We were writing an article on the wines of Piemonte, and now I have a major craving. The second, and probably most important thing to keep in mind, is to go to a store that specializes in wine or is known for its wine selection.

So for my northern Italian wine problem, I actually found a wine store through Instagram. I think it’s time for a field trip. This place is like 15 minutes from my house, Bain City Wines.

Let Them Know the Wine Type You Like

“Welcome to the wineshop!” For all you out there who were kind of intimidated walking into a wine store, I decided to ask Santo to see what he had to say about that. His reply…

“Just go, it’s the best way! People have a really bad tendency to think that small wine shops are boutique-ish. We actually get a lot of boutique wine shops in our state, but they’re always more expensive because they’re smaller… when in reality, if the shop is growing correctly, we can buy wines and still offer a really good price. Plus we’re getting wines that nobody else is gonna get…”

All you have to do is tell the retailer the style of wine and your budget, and they’ll take care of the rest. If you met a good wine retailer, they’ll help you get your expectations in line.

“So we ran this article on Piemonte and I just want to see what you have and what’s interesting. I’m thinking around $40.00” (some back and forth here ~Nick)

choosing the right wine

(as an example, Santo explains) “We get questions about people asking what wines go with what. We had a gentleman just came in and said ‘I want three bottles of white wine and three bottles of champagne, but I only want to spend a hundred dollars’.”

“That’s just not possible, we can’t do it. So I hooked him up with two bottles of white wine and a bottle of blanc de blanc (white on white – Chardonnay) for 48.00 and he walks up the door at 107.00 after taxes and he’s happy. People just need to realize that true Champagne is not cheap.”

I totally had a huge boner for this wine, so this is what I ended up getting… a 2015 Trediberri Barolo, and I thought we could sneak a taste. Whoa, smells like raspberry sauce, a little bit of licorice, maybe subtle touch of fennel, and that classic almost tar-like flavor you get on a decent quality Barolo. The color looks mostly translucent, a brick red color, which is what i expect from Barolo and the nebula grape.

Let’s give it a taste! Tannin face!! So much tannin on the front of the palette, on my tongue, coating my teeth, and really nice bright acidity on the mid palate. It carries into the finish with a little bit of that burn on the finish from the maybe slightly elevated alcohol. This wine tastes great!

I hope this makes you feel more confident to explore new wines, and if you’re interested, join the Wine Folly newsletter, it’s free and you’ll find lots of jumping-off points and reasons to go into a wine store.


Thanks again to Wine Folly for the great info!

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He’ll learn your preferences and never try to convince you to buy something you won’t enjoy… and if you don’t, he’ll take it back!

~Cheers…. Nick

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wine shop near me
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