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Why Should I Buy Wine Online?


The variety of goods available to purchase on-line runs the gamut from A to Z. One item on that list of particular interest to this author is WINE.
Some advantages of ordering wine online are:
• A broad selection of wines available; in particular, access to small production wineries looking to gain a foothold in the marketplace.
• Delivery direct to your door, On-line shopping is the epitome of convenience.
• Considering the convenience factor the pricing is competitive, more so when ordering quantity as opposed to single bottle acquisitions.

One factor that brings shoppers to a pause when they buy wine online is not being able to taste the product. Many sites offer a “guarantee” of satisfaction, but be sure it is a 100% guarantee. Some sites require the return be at the buyer’s cost some also add a ‘restocking fee’ as well.

There also exists a hybrid option to buy wine online, where you can see all wines in stock on a website, read the promotional notes on the wine (they all make the wine sound great) and decide what wines you have an interest in. Of course, you can then just make a purchase if you choose.

This hybrid option allows you to then speak with a true “consultant” by phone, not a virtual conversation where you cannot get a true sense of what the person typing is saying. Rather it is someone who has tasted the wine personally, as opposed to a sales rep who has only read the same blurb you just saw on the website.

Buy Wine Online With a “Must Love It” Guarantee

When you buy wine online this way, you can ask more detailed questions as to the appellation, blend, production processes, etc. This hybrid option also offers a written 100% money-back guarantee after you have tasted a full bottle in the comfort of your home with no sales pressure. These hybrid operations are few and far between as it requires more than a person in a call center reading from a script.

If this option has you curious, I might recommend you research, if you like what you see and want to take the hybrid path you can then contact [email protected], or toll-free at, (866) 332-9463. He is a 27-year veteran professional consultant. If he does not know the answer to a question, he will conduct the research needed to give you a factual and accurate answer.

For many this has proven to be the best of both worlds.


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