Basic wine knowledge for servers

No matter how talented your servers, waiters, and waitresses may be, you need to teach basic wine knowledge for servers. Your restaurant is going to have trouble selling wine if your servers are not educated and knowledgeable.

Before they are out on the floor serving guests, they need to know a lot about wine, have tasted your most popular wines, and also know how to sell your wine effectively. With that in mind, here’s a great video with details, strategies, and techniques.

You’ll see that it is important to host staff wine tastings, teach basic wine knowledge for servers, teach wine categories and food pairings, and make sure they know how to “sell the story”!

Every wine on your wine list has a story behind it, about the region it’s produced, the vineyard or winery, the history of the label, or something similar.

wine knowledge for servers

They should also know the most important wine terms, as well as pronunciations of them, and the wines themselves.

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