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Released! Any Glass With Wine In It, Is a Wine Glass

If you haven’t noticed yet from the rest of this blog/site, the creator (me, lol) has just released a new book called “Any Glass With Wine In It, Is a Wine Glass! A Real People’s Guide to Wine”.

I’ve never written a book before, but the book has earned wonderful reviews (click on “reviews” above) and has quickly become an Amazon Best Seller!

Would somebody pinch me?

As I wrote, I put thoughts and stories that pertained to wine into the book, many about people I know and love… and of course, after spending close to 10 years in the wine business can easily consider myself an expert at knowing what the average person “doesn’t know” about wine.

The book targets the average wine drinker. The person who does NOT subscribe to wine magazines, read the wine forums and websites, or have a 12,000 bottle collection is who will enjoy and benefit from this book the most. I explain in simple terms how to shop for, order, buy and drink wine, as well as tips on storage, reading wine labels and more. The book is meant to be FUN!

I can assure you that you’ll laugh and learn as you read… and when you put the book down you’ll feel more confident in your wine knowledge, and might even proclaim the “I’ll order the wine” the next time you and your friends are at your favorite restaurant!

Please use this site to learn about wine and to chat with other wine lovers… and of course buy the book… you’ll love it!

Cheers… no wine snobs allowed,



8 Health Benefits Of Wine

If you are a wine lover, chances are high that you have read the reports online stating the health benefits of wine. Today you will find out the various health benefits wine has to offer you. Please note that for the purposes of this article the health benefits discussed here are from moderate wine consumption i.e. one to two 4-ounces glasses a day.


Health Benefits Of Wine


Wine Promotes Longevity


According to a Finnish study involving 2,468 men over 29 years showed that on average, wine drinkers have a 34% lower mortality rate than those who drink spirits or beer. This means that you need to reduce your beer consumption and increase your intake of wine. The findings of the study were published in the Journals of Gerontology in 2007.


Wine Reduces Risk Of Heart Attacks

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Wine and Food Pairings – Which Wine to Serve with Dinner

Most people love to throw dinner parties for their friends and family. But, they may avoid serving wine because they do not know exactly what to serve. Do you serve red or white with fish? Will Merlot be okay if you are serving a Mexican dish? Do not stress over it – there are some basic wine rules you can follow in wine and food pairings. Read More…

Gourmet Wine Gift Baskets

Over the past few years the diet of the people living in Mediterranean area has come into focus and many people where surprised to learn the prominent role wine plays in keep us healthy. You can create a healthy gourmet wine gift basket based on the Mediterranean diet and give the wine lover on your list a taste of the wonderful assortment of Greek wines.
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Build Your Own Wine Rack With A Wine Rack Kit

When it comes to household decorating, a new crop of do-it-yourself has emerged, eager to spackle, paint, measure, hammer, and hang. To keep pace, manufacturers of household products work diligently to provide the weekend warrior a bevy of projects. For wine enthusiasts who like to display their wine as well as drink it, a wine rack kit offers the perfect opportunity to build your own dynamic showcase.
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A Look At Ice Wine

Although there are several types of wine that you buy, one of the most unheard of is ice wine. Ice wine is a very rare form of wine, a wine that is produced under certain types of weather conditions. Ice wine is mainly produced in the Pacific Northwest region, where the weather conditions are right for the wine http://www.autofreeinsuranceonlinequote.org
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