September 2012

Wine and Food Pairings – Which Wine to Serve with Dinner

Wine pairing with Dinner[wm_watermark src=”” pinit=””]

Most people love to throw dinner parties for their friends and family. But, they may avoid serving wine because they do not know exactly what to serve. Do you serve red or white with fish? Will Merlot be okay if you are serving a Mexican dish? Do not stress over it – there are some basic wine rules you can follow in wine and food pairings. (more…)

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Gourmet Wine Gift Baskets

Gourmet Wine Gift Baskets[wm_watermark src=”” pinit=””]

Over the past few years the diet of the people living in Mediterranean area has come into focus and many people where surprised to learn the prominent role wine plays in keep us healthy. You can create a healthy gourmet wine gift basket based on the Mediterranean diet and give the wine lover on your list a taste of the wonderful assortment of Greek wines.

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